Client Testimonials

President, Advertising Company

“The entire trip was well organized and came off without a hitch.”

President, Clothier Company

“The response to changing needs and your flexibility and ability to adapt was simply "AWESOME."

Vice President, Insurance Company

“It was a very successful program overall, and the trip was the crowning glory.”

Your Trip

Imagine a far-off place where you completely disconnect from your usual day-to-day routine and discipline. No PDA, no phones, no schedules or meetings. You’re not tracking sales or pitching new deals.

You're surrounded by the sounds of a rainforest shrouded in cool, calming shade. On the other side of the rainforest, you discover sacred shrines honored with candles and other gifts from island locals. A few days later, you’re led through plantations. Your eyes see nothing but fields of sugar cane, pineapple and coffee. You touch and taste the macadamia nuts, avocados, star fruit and papaya trees. Every moment is an experience to your senses.

Whether it’s the spiritual beauty of Hawaii or a rough and tumble tour out west, The Fields Group makes it a trip that is unique to every person in your group. We don’t present with you packaged deals or itineraries. We build every trip and every program based on your goals, your budget, and the unique characteristics of your group.

Our staff members coordinate every component of your trip. We travel alongside you, on a mission to highlight your trip with memorable moments. We design it to far exceed your expectations and, of course, the expectations of the people who worked so hard to be a part of the group.