Client Testimonials

President, Advertising Company

“The entire trip was well organized and came off without a hitch.”

President, Clothier Company

“The response to changing needs and your flexibility and ability to adapt was simply "AWESOME."

Vice President, Insurance Company

“It was a very successful program overall, and the trip was the crowning glory.”

Why It Works

Our clients are convinced that incentive travel works. It’s a win-win. Your people become inspired. Your organization, in turn, achieves its business goals. The Fields Group specializes in making sure both of these things happen.

Use Incentive Travel to Impact the Most Important Areas of Your Business

  • Increase sales
  • Boost morale and team productivity
  • Recognize performance
  • Acquire new customers
  • Promote a new product
  • Reward productivity
  • Improve employee loyalty
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve factory or plant operations
  • Enhance business-to-business relationships

Historically, at least half of our staff delivered average results and the same small group exceeded their goals. The Fields Group helped us design an incentive trip that motivated average performers to change their behaviors. Like always, the top performers came through, but The Fields Group helped us offer a real carrot to people who had room to grow.

Target the People You Need to Influence

  • Internal Salespeople
  • Dealers or Independent Reps
  • Non-Sales Employees
  • Customers
  • Executive or Management Team

Inspiration is the Cornerstone to Motivation

People are, by and large, predictable creatures. So The Fields Group takes the time to understand more than just your goals. We learn about your people, since our trips are designed to leave them with experiences that stay with them forever.

Our trips are more than a reward for a job well done; they are a proven tool for motivating your people to perform again and again. The more they win, the more rewards they’ll work to attain.

Learn what The Fields Group does to make this simple for you.